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Dentures and implants are two of the most common ways to restore the appearance and function of natural teeth following teeth damage or loss. There are several types of dentures available, and the same goes for dental implants. With different options available comes variance in the cost of these treatment options, with some being significantly more expensive than others. But dentures and implants do not have to be wildly expensive, and there are several points to consider that can help reduce the cost.

What’s the average cost of dentures in the US?

The cost of dentures, like nearly every other dental or medical expense, varies depending on the location and cost of living. However, on average, expect to pay around $1,000 for a full set of dentures in the United States.

How much are the cheapest dentures?

If you choose dentures made from cheaper materials and find a good bargain, you might be able to drive down the cost and pay around $700 for dentures.

What’s the average cost of dental implants in the US?

Dental implants are usually a good deal more expensive than dental implants. For just one dental implant, you can expect to pay roughly $1,500, often even more. When you take into consideration that patients will often need more than just one implant, the total cost can add up rather quickly.

How much are the cheapest dental implants?

You may be able to find dental implants that cost closer to $1,000, but given that a considerable portion of the cost stems from the cost of installation, it will likely to difficult to find quality dental implants for much cheaper.

Ways to find cheap/affordable dentures and dental implants?

Dentures and dental implants do not have to blow the budget. Affordable dentures and implants prices do exist, and there are a variety of ways that you can save money-to learn more about options for this keep on reading!

Dental savings

dental savings

A dental savings plan is not quite the same thing as a dental insurance plan. The general idea behind a dental savings plan is that the holder of the plan will pay a set price to then save a certain percentage on dental services that providers offer. When looking for a dental savings plan, make sure that you search for one that specifically includes either dentures or implants, depending on what you are interested in getting.


Dental insurance is a way of saving money that nearly everyone thinks of immediately. There are many different dental insurance companies to choose from, but be aware that not all insurance plans will provide coverage for dentures or dental implants, and those that do will have varying levels of coverage. Delta Dental, Aspen Dental, and Humana are just a few options for insurance companies to look into for dentures and implants.

Federal coverage

While federal health insurance plans like Medicare and Medicaid do not typically provide extensive dental coverage, it is worth looking into your state’s rules to see whether or not you may qualify to have your dentures or dental implants covered.

Go to clinics like ClearChoice or Affordable dentures

Specialized clinics like ClearChoice or Affordable dentures consolidate all the resources and professionals needed for treatment with dentures or implants into one location. This makes the implant and dentures process more straightforward for patients and allows such clinics to give their patients one clear and potentially lower price for treatment. If you do get dentures that are less expensive, be sure to maintain proper denture care to make them last for as long as possible.

Check Dental Lifeline Network, Cosmetic Dentistry Grants (CDG), and other non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations like Dental Lifeline Network and Cosmetic Dentistry Grants make it their mission to provide dental care to those who are in need and may not otherwise have access to affordable dental care, including individuals with disabilities and those who are considered “medically fragile.” There are larger nonprofits that may have locations in several states, but it is also worth it to look into any local nonprofit organizations in your area.

Go to dental schools

Dental schools often have student-run clinics that are intended to be low-cost and affordable options for dental care. These clinics will usually focus on more acute dental issues like fillings or root canals, but there may also be programs at dental schools that offer dentures or dental implants at a reduced cost.

Dental tourism

As an opposite approach to searching for “affordable dentures and implants near me,” dental tourism is the practice of traveling to another country with the goal of finding cheaper dental care. Sometimes, other countries offer dental procedures at a lower cost than what is typically found in the United States. Although there are affordable dentures and implants in the US, this practice has the potential to save patients a significant amount of money, especially with more extensive work like what is required for dentures or the installation of dental implants.

Check alternatives, like dental bridges or partial dentures

Depending on what might work in your specific case, checking out alternatives to affordable implants and dentures, such as dental bridges or even partial dentures, might be worth your time. Particularly when compared to implants, dental bridges or partial dentures might be able to save you a good amount of money if you qualify for them. Although this adds more choice to just dental implants vs dentures.

Opt for clinical trials

Another point to keep in mind when hunting for ways to bring down the cost of dentures or dental implants is enrolling in clinical trials. If there is a novel type of denture or implant that is being tested out via clinical trials, taking part in them might allow you to get quality treatment for cheap or even for free. But keep in mind that most clinical trials bear some risk, and make sure that you have a thorough understanding of what those risks are prior to signing up.


Above, you can find several ways to get cheaper dentures. As far as specific locations for affordable dentures, check out non-profit organizations or specialized clinics that offer dentures.

How about affordable denture prices? The cheapest price that you are likely to find for dentures is $700.

A general dentist or oral surgeon can place dental implants.

Where can I get low cost dental implants near me? Similar to dentures, checking out non-profit organizations and clinics that are dedicated to dental implants will likely offer some of the most affordable prices.

Where can I get low cost dental implants near me? Similar to dentures, checking out non-profit organizations and clinics that are dedicated to dental implants will likely offer some of the most affordable prices.

If they are properly taken care of, teeth implants can last for 25 years.

A major reason why implants are more expensive than dentures is the anesthesia and surgical procedure required to install the implant screws. The manufacturing and installation of dentures is a non-invasive procedure and thus is cheaper.

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