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We are the TeethWisdom Project, a team of oral health experts providing information, resources, and education on dental health specifically for older Americans.

Our work is following the steps of Oral Health America, a non-profit organization that had been providing valuable resources and tools on oral health for Americans since 1955, and their Wisdom Tooth Project had been primarily focused on bringing care to older adults in need since 2009. 

Unfortunately, Oral Health America had to cease operations “due largely to an unanticipated precipitous decline in contributions in the last quarter of 2018 and the unlikely renewal of sufficient contributions in the near future”.

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We did not want all their hard work and valuable resources to be completely lost and unavailable for the communities that so acutely need access to care and education on oral health. So, when we found out that their site was no longer available, we decided to take it upon ourselves to make these resources and tools available again for all under TeethWisdom.org.

We now want to keep working on the same goals they had, first, focusing on recovering all the information they had published about older people’s oral health and connecting the elderly with local, affordable dental care in every state.

Our Mission

Our goal is to recover as much of the work already done by OHA and the Wisdom Tooth project as we can, make sure that the information is still relevant, update it and continue providing as much value as possible for older adults in need of care.

Currently, we are in the process of recovering most of the researched and valuable articles that had been published by the Wisdom Tooth Project and gradually rolling them out at our new website. We will continue to publish deeply-researched articles, more information about affordable dental care, and resources to make education more accessible for those who need it the most.

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How Can We Help You?

The information at TeethWisdom.org focuses on three main areas:

Selected Dental Resources

Carefully curated resources specifically tailored to help older adults maintain good oral health, covering diverse topics about elderly dental problems and senior dental care.

Information for Caregivers

As a caregiver, proper knowledge of oral care and health for the aging is paramount to ensure that you can provide adequate and necessary care for those placed in your care.

Connecting patients with affordable dental health

Access to affordable dental health is key to older adults’ overall wellbeing. We gather and publish all the information we can find on affordable dental health by state.

From Oral Health America

Official Statement from Oral Health America in 2019 when their sites stopped being available